LCHS 7/8
LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, December

LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, December

Social Science:

7th – The 7th grade history teachers worked on preparing and perfecting the study guide to reflect the midterm’s questions and documents. Nanor Aghmal took over as Christine Wolfe’s substitute in School 2, and much of the collaboration time was devoted to showing her “the ropes” of Illuminate, Google Classroom, the lesson plans, and LCHS ⅞ procedures in general. The teachers also developed an alternative assessment for IEP students with testing modifications along with the SPED teachers. Finally, we created review games and lessons to help the students with their recall of past chapters that will be covered in the midterm exam. 

8th -The 8th grade teachers worked on creating a rubric for the Final Timeline Performance Task. The teachers also compared the most frequently missed questions between the 2 8th grade small schools on the most recent Chapter 5 test and discussed how the lessons in Chapter 5 might have impacted the scores. The teachers also worked on creating their performance task on skits for Ch. 6 Section 3: Daily Life in Early America. They decided which 9 categories to cover, what questions the students must address in their skits, and how the students would be graded. 


7th –  7th grade science teachers worked on the study guide and final exam for first semester.  Teachers worked on a new protein synthesis and folding activity to illustrate protein production.  

8th – 8th grade science teachers worked on the final exam as a performance activity for first semester.  Students did poster projects and presented their work. 


7th – This month, the 7th grade English teachers spent an entire work day collaborating and refining their 2nd Common Assessment. They also finalized the materials for their final writing assessment of the semester. During their collaboration day, the 7th grade English teachers explored resources and  the possibility of incorporating a media component to their upcoming Holocaust unit. They also discussed their curriculum plans for second semester.

8th – This month, the 8th grade English teachers have designed their 2nd Common Assessment. They have also discussed and implemented strategies for teaching students how to effectively use quotes as evidence in their writing. Also, the 8th grade teachers worked together to refine and implement their Star Wars and archetypes lesson, as well as their Hero’s Journey Unit. Finally, they have begun to plan and prepare for the next semester.


7th – The 7th grade math teachers discussed the pacing for the remainder of the school semester and the first week when we return from break. We also looked at the final exams and the review questions for the final. Finally we discussed the different performance tasks we will be covering in the next couple of weeks. 

8th – In the month of December, we spent our collaboration time finding and creating Desmos activities for current and upcoming units, reviewing results from quizzes for both classes and finalizing the final exams. We also met with Mr. Cyhaniuk to discuss ways to support students in his classes. 

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