Fire Update (Hahamonga Park Drop Off)

Message from Dr. Gold:

As many of you know there was a recent fire at Mt. Wilson.  Most recent reports are that the fire is almost completely contained, but the Fire Department and other resources are using Hahamongna Park as a staging site for next 3-5 days.  7-12 usually uses this area as one of the places for drop off and/or pick up.  Please note and plan accordingly as the park will be completely closed until the Fire Department no longer needs the area.
Please understand this will cause more traffic during drop off and pick up so please plan accordingly.  As I am updated I will let families know.
A huge thank you to the Fire Department and other resources that do a great job keeping our community and local mountains safe.
Any questions please let me know.

Junior High Picture Make Up Day Info

Date: Tuesday, September 19 (8:30am – 12:00pm only)
Location: Auditorium Foyer
Time: During class – your teacher will let you know when you can go

DSLR camera graphic

All 7/8 students that have not taken a picture will need to do so and will obtain an ID card at that time.  Additionally, all students that want to pay for ASB and/or yearbook may do so.  It is suggested that students who wish to pay for ASB do so before the first 7/8 dance on Sept. 14—they may show their receipt for free admission to the dance and then obtain an ID card or reprint on Sept. 19.

Any student that has an ID card that is missing the ASB icon and has paid for it may also obtain a new/corrected ID card at that time.  Students needing a corrected ID card must bring their current ID and their receipt or payment to the picture day event.  Students that have lost or forgotten their receipt may wait in the payment line for a reprint.  (Note that it is not necessary to have a Yearbook icon on the ID card.  It is not used for distribution, and the Yearbook class will be given a master list from which to work.)  Students that have lost their ID card may also request a replacement.  No new pictures will be taken for reprinted cards.  

Please note that this is the only opportunity for students to obtain a free reprinted ID card.  After this time, all reprints will be $5 cash in Ms. Connelly’s office (start date TBA).

Also note that Lifetouch only does photo retakes for returned picture packages.  

7/8 ASB: $25
7/8 Yearbook: $85 (current preorder price) 
Checks payable to: LCHS 7/8 ASB
(You may write one check for both items.  Also, see the online Webstore at the school website for the option to pay online.)

Back To School Night - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dear 7/8 Parents and Guardians:

I would like to invite you to join us on August 24st at 6:30 p.m. for 2017 Back to School Night. This is one of the most popular events of the school year for Spartan parents. Back to School Night (BTSN) is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers, visit their classrooms and learn about their classes. You’ll also meet the 7/8 counselors as well as representatives from various school support organizations.

The schedule will be as follows: Parents of students in the Special Education program can meet with Special Education teachers at 6:00 p.m. in the following locations:  Ms. Castillo – Room 712, Mr. Howe – Room 721, and Ms. Deans – Room 215. At 6:30 p.m., all parents are asked to meet in the Auditorium for a short welcome presentation and brief messages from the PTA, Apples for Teachers, and Boosters. At 6:50 p.m., parents will be dismissed to First Period and you will follow your child’s schedule.  Please note, first period is slightly longer than the other periods because you will begin with a brief presentation from the La Canada Flintridge Education Foundation.  NOTE:  Small School 2 parents will remain in the auditorium to meet with the Small School 2 team.

Please have your child fill out his/her schedule of classes on the file attached below and bring it with you to Back to School Night. On behalf of the staff of LCHS 7/8, we are excited about the new school year and working with your students, and we look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Jarrett Gold
7/8 Principal

View Back To School Night Letter with schedule here. 


Where to Report the First Day of School

Below are instructions on where to meet on the first day of school. 

Monday, August 14 @ 8:30 a.m.
Small School 1 - South Gym
Small School 2 - Cafeteria
Small School 3 - Football field - HOME bleachers
Small School 4 - Football field - VISITORS bleachers

* If you don't know your Small School, report to the main office.

LCHS campus map displaying meeting spots for first day of school. 

LCHS 7/8 Registration Information

The 2017-18 back to school countdown in here. Dr. Gold shared the details in a recent letter (read that here) and outlined the registration times for students. 8th graders register in person on August 8th between 9am-11am. 7th graders attend WEB orientation on August 9th from 8am-12pm and complete registration on the second day of school. 

To complete the online data confirmation and read school policies, parents and guardians will use the Aeries Parent Portal (opening on 8/1). Directions can be found in the Parent section of the school website or by clicking here. This section includes the directions for using the Aeries Parent and specific checklists and details for LCHS 7/8 students. x


Challenge Success: Building Your Path Coming to LCHS on April 8th. Sign Up Today

Challenge Success: Building Your Path Coming to LCHS on April 8th. Sign Up Today

On Saturday, April 8th at LCHS, students grades 7-12 and alumni are gathering for the Challenge Success: Building Your Path event.  The goal of the day is for current and former LCHS students to see various professionals showcase their career and/or education paths with the overarching idea to challenge our traditionally narrow definitions of success. 

The day will begin with two short keynotes featuring Dr. Mark Urata of Children's’ Hospital and Chris Buck, animator and director. Then students will be able to choose three speaker sessions before having lunch. The speaker sessions will feature a variety of topics such as career pathway stories; life, education or career lessons learned; current career showcases, and potential how-to talks, all within the big idea of expanding our definition of success.

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LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, December

Social Science:

7th - The 7th grade history teachers worked on preparing and perfecting the study guide to reflect the midterm’s questions and documents. Nanor Aghmal took over as Christine Wolfe’s substitute in School 2, and much of the collaboration time was devoted to showing her “the ropes” of Illuminate, Google Classroom, the lesson plans, and LCHS ⅞ procedures in general. The teachers also developed an alternative assessment for IEP students with testing modifications along with the SPED teachers. Finally, we created review games and lessons to help the students with their recall of past chapters that will be covered in the midterm exam. 

8th -The 8th grade teachers worked on creating a rubric for the Final Timeline Performance Task. The teachers also compared the most frequently missed questions between the 2 8th grade small schools on the most recent Chapter 5 test and discussed how the lessons in Chapter 5 might have impacted the scores. The teachers also worked on creating their performance task on skits for Ch. 6 Section 3: Daily Life in Early America. They decided which 9 categories to cover, what questions the students must address in their skits, and how the students would be graded. 


7th -  7th grade science teachers worked on the study guide and final exam for first semester.  Teachers worked on a new protein synthesis and folding activity to illustrate protein production.  

8th - 8th grade science teachers worked on the final exam as a performance activity for first semester.  Students did poster projects and presented their work. 


7th - This month, the 7th grade English teachers spent an entire work day collaborating and refining their 2nd Common Assessment. They also finalized the materials for their final writing assessment of the semester. During their collaboration day, the 7th grade English teachers explored resources and  the possibility of incorporating a media component to their upcoming Holocaust unit. They also discussed their curriculum plans for second semester.

8th - This month, the 8th grade English teachers have designed their 2nd Common Assessment. They have also discussed and implemented strategies for teaching students how to effectively use quotes as evidence in their writing. Also, the 8th grade teachers worked together to refine and implement their Star Wars and archetypes lesson, as well as their Hero’s Journey Unit. Finally, they have begun to plan and prepare for the next semester.


7th - The 7th grade math teachers discussed the pacing for the remainder of the school semester and the first week when we return from break. We also looked at the final exams and the review questions for the final. Finally we discussed the different performance tasks we will be covering in the next couple of weeks. 

8th - In the month of December, we spent our collaboration time finding and creating Desmos activities for current and upcoming units, reviewing results from quizzes for both classes and finalizing the final exams. We also met with Mr. Cyhaniuk to discuss ways to support students in his classes. 

LCUSD Welcomes Stanford's Dr. Denise Pope

La Canada Unified Seal

On January 17th I am excited to welcome Dr. Denise Pope, co-founder of Stanford University's Challenge Success program, to LCUSD to present research and information on the Challenge Success Program.

As you likely know, both LCHS 7/8 and LCHS 9-12 had applications approved to partner in 2016-17 with Stanford University's Challenge Success program. Challenge Success has for the past 12 years worked with over 130 high performing middle and high schools on how to implement policies and practices which increase academic engagement and wellbeing for their students.

Challenge Success is a research based program whose data compellingly demonstrates that, especially in high performing schools, a narrow definition of success often leaves young people lacking the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  The work Challenge Success engages in with partner schools encourages educators and communities to create school programs which value and foster in their students the interpersonal and collaborative skills, adaptability and resiliency, and the critical thinking and creativity needed to solve complex problems.

The January 17th Challenge Success presentation by Dr. Pope is one not to be missed.  We are anticipating a full-house and are asking that attendees RSVP.

Parents 7-12, Elementary Parents, all LCUSD staff and interested students in grades 9-12 are invited to attend.  The program will begin promptly at 6:30 P.M. in the LCHS Auditorium.

Superintendent Wendy Sinette

I hope to see you there.

Wendy Sinnette
LCUSD Superintendent

Event Details
Date: January 17th
Time: 6:30pm
Location: La Canada High School Auditorium


LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, November

LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, November

Social Science  

7th -  The 7th grade teachers have spent the month of November planning the mini-unit for Africa, and the unit on Japan. They discussed new informational videos to use to supplement the lesson on Africa from Crash Course History, and we also discussed the best ways in which to present the Performance Task that discusses Africa’s economic status in the medieval world and its status today. They also began planning the activities for the unit on Japan including explaining the cultural influences of China, India, and Korea on Japan, and the reforms under Prince Shotoku’s Constitution. Finally, they discussed scheduling due to the Digital Citizenship lesson taking place on 11/15 & 11/16.

8th -  The 8th grade social science teachers worked on planning the following week: they updated a quiz, figured out what to assign and looked over a John Marshall task. The teachers readjusted the pacing for the week leading up to the Thanksgiving Bowl. They looked over the Chapter 5 test, created a study guide and decided when to distribute out the study guide and give the test. Finally, they worked on their Common Assessment Vision Plan, the Final Performance Task, and adjusted pacing for the week after Thanksgiving.

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